The Last Punchcutter

Shot at the amazing printing house of Alberto Tallone in Turin, and filmed and edited by G.Affanni and G.Chiapparini, this short film shows Giuseppe Bracchino carving a punch for a majuscule G.

Head of the engraving department of the Nebiolo Company, Bracchino is the last living punchutter in Italy. This film is part of a larger multidisciplinary project, Griffo, the Great Gala of Letter, that aims to tell the story of the Bolognese punchcutter Francesco Griffo and to revive awareness for letters.


Gravers & Files

Remastered 16mm documentary of punch cutter P. H. Rädisch of the Joh. Enschedé en Zonen Type Foundry in Holland. Canadian Carl Dair shot the film while studying type making under Rädisch. In this film, Rädisch carves a punch for a majuscule P replicating a font first designed by Robert Granjon  in 1570 for Plantin . The resulting punch is used to cast a matrix from which multiple sorts of resulting type pieces are then machine-cast.

The original film can be found between 6:45 and 19:25. Additional footage is comprised of reflections about the film and its impact.


Punchcutting at the Atelier Press & Letterfoundry

Stan Nelson, a noted historian of printing history, carves a punch for a majuscule serif R. at the Atelier Press and Letterfoundry.